It took ages, but finally the software packs of choice for many is now available in 64-bit version. After Mozilla Foundation released beta versions of 64-bit FireFox (3.1 beta 2) and Thunderbird (3.0 beta 2), SUN Microsystems finally reacted and brought forward the 64-bit version of Java.

With the release of final version of 3.1, users of 64-bit operating systems will finally be able to depart from 32-bit Firefox and 64-bit Internet Exploder 7, enjoying in those extra features that 64-bit brings. Who knows, I might even give Thunderbird another shot, after using Outlook for almost 9 years (switched from Netscape Communicator). Of course, any e-mail client I use has to have a backup feature that works, which is a domain where Thunderbird 1.0 and 2.0 failed miserably.

You can download the 64-bit Java runtime here, 64-bit FireFox is available here and 64-bit Thunderbird is available here. Well, with the launch of Theo’s Red Blue Machine story on Friday, I think that 64-bit Vista could not get a better companion than 64-bit Firefox in all of its glory. Now… where is that Adobe and their 64-bit Shockware and Flash things…

Of course, the 64-bit Vista now has 64-bit codecs, courtesy of K-Lite Going x64. You can download the 64-bit codec pack if you click here – K-Lite 64-bit Codec 1.61 Beta.