In the newest Microsoft Laptop Hunters episode the victory goes to the HP HDX.

As usual, we meet the protagonist of the ad, and he/she will receive the money on the laptop he/she purchases. This time, we meet with Sheila and for her $2000 budget, she wants a laptop that has widescreen, good processor and a graphic card. Sheila’s goal is a laptop that is good for video editing.

This is also a show-stopper for us – she wants a laptop that will sit on the desk for 99.9999999% of the time… actually, let’s be realistic here – a laptop that will ALWAYS be on the desk. But laptops are hip, right?

Why anyone would choose a laptop for video processing is a tough cookie to swallow, especially when it is known that mobile processors aren’t meant for that type of work. The Apple users will have a point in saying that in this case, she could have gone with a MacBook and added a few Gigs of RAM – the price would be the same.

But maybe that is the point, the majority of people want a complete product – pick and choose the one they think it will be best for them, not buy something now, and then go and upgrade later.