Love how the Chrome browser keeps itself up to date by automatically downloading and installing emergency updates without any intervention on your part? Mozilla, open-source organization behind the Firefox browser, says it will add silent updating to Firefox 5, the next major release following the final Firefox 4 release last month. Mozilla fell victim of its slow development schedule (Firefox 3 and 4 were about a year in development each), allowing Google to take the lead with Chrome in terms of new features and software releases.

To rectify the situation, they have a new release schedule that supports rapid releases, with Firefox planned for a mid-August release. Like Chrome’s developer, beta and stable channels, Mozilla now provides four different Firefox builds –  nightly, aurora, beta and Firefox. Emergency security updates called "chemspills" will appear simultaneously on all four channels and will be pushed to users via a new silent update mechanism.

App Tabs in Firefox 4.

Tab grouping in Firefox 4.