With the introduction of the new top of the line quad-core Phenom X4 980 CPU from AMD, the microprocessor supplier also slashed prices across the board for its Athlon and Phenom desktop CPUs. The prices published here have been effective as of May 2nd, according to AMDs website. The prices are usually listed for purchase in 1000-unit tray quantities. Usually similar reductions are made to boxed processor prices.

Their top of the line Phenom II offerings got their prices reduced in the range of 6% to 39%, with the most models getting a decent 10-15% reduction. This includes the sexa-core Phenom II X6 based on the Thuban core as well as the Phenom II X4 based on the Deneb core with the recently added top model. Also Phenom II X2 saw some price cuts.

Phenom II
Modelold pricenew pricechange
X6 1100T BE$239$205-14%
X6 1090T BE$205$185-10%
X6 1075T$195$181-7%
X6 1065T$185$185
X6 1055T$175$165-6%
X4 980 BE$185
X4 975 BE$195$175-10%
X4 970 BE$175$155-11%
X4 965 BE$155$135-13%
X4 955 BE$135$117-13%
X4 910e$175$143-18%
X4 905e$165$100-39%
X4 840$105$105
X2 565 BE$112$102-9%
X2 560 BE$102$90-12%
X2 555 BE$90$90

When reducing prices AMD doesn’t stop at the lower cost Athlon II models either. The Athlon II X4 models based on the Propus core got reductions mostly in the 10% range to be in line with Phenom X4 840 pricing, which should actually be named Athlon II X4 650 due to the same silicon inside (i.e. it lacks the L3 cache other Phenom CPUs have). Athlon II X3 based on the Rana core (Propus with one core disabled) and the dual-core Athlon II X2 based on the Regor core also were adjusted downwards.

Athlon II
Modelold pricenew pricechange
X4 645$112$102-9%
X4 640$100$98-2%
X4 615e$143$133-7%
X4 610e$133$122-8%
X4 605e$122$98-20%
X3 460$87
X3 455$87$76-13%
X3 450$76$76
X3 445$76$72-5%
X3 420e$102$97-5%
X3 415e$97$87-10%
X3 405e$97$72-26%
X2 265$69$69
X2 260$66$64-3%
X2 255$66$60-9%
X2 250$66$58-12%
X2 250e$77$69-10%
X2 245e$69$62-10%

This price reduction is nothing unusual, Intel and AMD do similiar changes in their price structures several times each year. Though due to the imminent launch of AMDs high-end AMD FX based on the Bulldozer architecture as well as the mainstream Fusion APU dubbed Llano, AMD sure has interest in getting rid of inventory of previous generation products.