Yesterday, while at CTIA’s first day of MobileCon, we attended Pepcom’s MobileFocus event which had an Alice in Wonderland theme. We were graced with the presence of companies like HTC, LG, T-Mobile, Kingston and Kupa.

Below we have some pictures of the various devices that we played with and took a look at…

First we stopped at HTC which had their OneX+, OneVX and Windows 8X and 8S devices.

The four devices at the bottom are HTC 8X’s while the two above are the HTC 8S.

Holding the Windows Phone 8 HTC 8X. Extremely comfortable.

The other interesting booth was T-Mobile’s where they were showing off all of their current and future phones including the Samsung Galaxy Note II which will be launching on T-Mobile very soon. In addition to the Note II they were also showing a gaming version with a game pad. They also showed off the LG Optimus L9, HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 810 with the various interchangeable backs.

Note, the different covers enable (NFC + Wireless Charging, Left and wireless charging, Above)

T-Mobile also had HTC’s 8X and LG’s Optimus L9 on display as well, both of which will feature on T-Mobile.

And we also got to play with Kupa’s Windows 8 tablet with Intel’s Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, that will be featured in a separate article.