On November 5th AMD announced new CPU prices for their Athlon II (official price list) and Fusion (official price list) series of chips. The new prices encompass price slashes in the lower end of the spectrum, which should make AMD more competitive. The prices on the lists are for 1k unit quantities excluding any taxes but give a good indication of where street prices are going.

First, let us look at the APU prices for the Socket FM1 (3000 series) and FM2 (5000 series). Most of the price slashes target the older Llano-based offerings for Socket FM1. Do note that some models have been omitted from the price changes, these are the more power efficient SKUs at 65W with three or more cores. From the new Trinity based products for Socket FM2, only the lowest end option got an 11% reduction, and all the other model will stay at their launch price for now.

Fusion APU
Modelold pricenew pricechange

Similarly, AMD slashed the prices of their non-APU entry level chips. Note that while not immediately obvious from the price list, Athlon II X4 6×1 models are based on the Llano core with the GPU disabled. Unlike the previous models for Socket AM3, these models only fit in Socket FM1 motherboards. Similarly to the APUs, the more energy efficient options were omitted from the reductions. In the Athlon II series, these can be more easily identified by the ?e? appended to the model number.

Athlon II
Modelold pricenew pricechange
X4 651$92$76-17%
X4 645$102$87-15%
X4 641$81$65-20%
X4 640$98$67-32%
X4 631$79$65-18%
X4 615e$133$133
X4 610e$122$122
X4 605e$98$98
X3 460$87$69-21%
X3 455$76$65-14%
X3 450$76$60-21%
X3 445$72EOL
X3 420e$97$97
X3 415e$87$87
X3 405e$72$72
X2 265$69$48-30%
X2 260$64$48-25%
X2 255$60$47-22%
X2 250$58$47-19%
X2 250e$69$69
X2 245e$62$62

The price slashes are quite aggressive and come after a quarter in which AMD lost a considerable amount of their share due to weak market conditions and strong competition from Intel. Unlike their previous strategy of trying to protect margins, they are now after some additional share in the entry segment. If anyone profits from these changes, it is the customer. The entry prices are ridiculously cheap, so if its a great time to be looking to purchase a basic computer.